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A Look at How 8 Curry Co. Inmates Escaped

Matthew Chandler, 9th District Attorney Matthew Chandler, 9th District Attorney
Lance Ylem, County Manager Lance Ylem, County Manager

It sounds like a scene from a movie.. Two to three days worth of planning, seven hours clawing at the ceiling of the jail.. And then a hole emerges and eight dangerous men slip out.

We are giving you a first hand look at how inmates outwitted officials at the Curry County Adult Detention Center.

Out of 24 cameras inside and outside the facility... NewsChannel 10 has only seen one that captures the escape on tape.

But officials still debate which ones were working during the time of the incident.

 NC10 Team Coverage: Curry County Escapees

The Latest Updates, Video, and Information on the Curry County Jail Escape

The facts: 3 inmates escaped from pod 2, where this footage is from, 5 from pod 1, where it was just out of view.

The uncertainties: did outside cameras see the act go down.

Matthew Chandler, 9th District Attorney, says, "The cameras are real cameras they were none functionable at the time of the escape."

County Manager Lance Pyle has a different response, "The problem with the cameras were the escape happened, there were no cameras in that area. Reporter ask, "So what we were told about the camera's not functioning is false." Plye answers, "You can look at the front of the building and see where those camera's are located at."

just one minute later... Listen to Pyle's response.

Reporter ask, "So what you are saying is that front camera, if those guys jumped from the tree and walked across the street that camera wouldn't have picked it up if it was working." Pyle answers, "I'm not going to comment on that cause it is part of the investigation."

The escape wasn't just long... It possibly was heard in the pod... As the men squeaked by A skylight from the inside of the ceiling, cracking the drywall and almost falling through.

New security measures have started.

Curry County Sheriff Matt Murray says, "I met with the county manager this morning an suggested that there be a watch put on top, at least every six hours someone needs to walk the roof, until we can come up with further plans, addressing it with a fences or cameras."

65 new cameras are approved to install at the facility... In hopes there is never another question on whether an inmates tricks are caught on tape.

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