Fuel Additives Can Cost You

Miracle products... Ones that promise to reduce your gas mileage by upwards of 50%. Mechanics we spoke with today say don't believe the hype. These products, such as fuel additives, aren't miracle solutions. In fact, they may do more damage than good because of all the unknown ingredients.

Brown-Pontiac GMC mechanic Isaac Bernal says "acetone or kerosene, some sort of diesel product" It's those unknown ingredients that could cause major damage to your engine and fuel tank. Damage that could end up costing thousands of dollars.

Tracey's Auto's Tracey Davis says "engine wise, the average engine you're gonna be looking at three to four thousand dollars to put an engine in a vehicle today. Injectors - they range from different prices depending on the car but it's all pretty costly."

The only one of these products that will not cause harm are fuel injector cleaners. They can actually help your gas mileage by making your fuel tank more efficient. Other than that, the mechanics advise you to stay away from all these so-called miracle products.