Do Fuel Injectors Work?

It's no secret gas prices have gone up these past few months... An increase of 23% on average. In hopes of making their gas go farther, many local drivers are spending money on products that promise to increase gas mileage.

Now it's time to separate fact from fiction. We all love to stretch our dollar as far as it will go, and for many Amarillo residents that means buying fuel injectors, in hopes of cleaning out their fuel tank to make it more efficient.

Isaac Berna, a mechanic at Brown-Pontiac GMC tells us these injectors are one product that could decrease the number of times you have to visit the gas station. "Fuel injector cleaner can help. We have some different strengths. Most of the products you get from the auto store can help you if you have injectors that are plugged up, not giving you correct spray. That could cost you in your fuel economy."

This is one of a very few products that will help you out. The environmental protection agency estimates over 99% of the products that promise to make your gas go further don't even come close.