Security Cameras Cause Confusion In Breakout Investigation

Curry County officials do not seem to be on the same page as to whether the security cameras were working or not.

It's turning into a major focal point for how eight dangerous inmates escaped from the Curry County Adult Detention Center. Twenty-four cameras are in and around the facility, but so far we have only seen footage from one of them.

We do know a camera in pod one, where five inmates escaped, did not catch the action because it was just out of range. Footage from the pod two camera did detect three men escaping. There are cameras on the outside, but it seems even officials here can't answer whether or not they were working.

Local District Attorny Matthew Chander says none of the camera's on the outside were working at the time of the escape. But Curry Cunty Manager Lance Pyle says, "All of our cameras on facility are working, and they were working last week."

Pyle says while the cameras were working, they did not catch the escapees because they were just out of range. The city has approved the installment of more cameras.