Arrests made in Curry County escape

CLOVIS, N.M. (AP) _ Authorities filed charges Wednesday against four Curry County jail inmates for allegedly helping eight inmates break out, while two relatives of the fugitives also were arrested in the investigation.

Five of the escapees remained at large. Three were recaptured within 24 hours of Sunday's jail break.

Authorities said the four inmates, who were not among the escapees, face six charges each: three counts of assisting escape and three counts of harboring or aiding a felon.

Also arrested were two others:

Isodoro Salas of Albuquerque, father of escaped inmate Edward Salas. The elder Salas was arrested on a probation violation and for resisting or obstruction of officer because authorities said he didn't cooperate with investigators.

Asha Curry of Clovis, the mother of escapee Michael England's child.

Investigators believe it took the inmates seven hours to cut through the jail's roof, apparently the culmination of a two- or three-day planning effort. They said five prisoners came from one jail pod and three from another.