Water Wasters: The City of Amarillo

Amarillo residents are using less water...and the numbers prove it. Last week they used their lowest this summer... An average of 40 million gallons a day. But the City of Amarillo itself had a water conservation mistake this week.

Newschannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos is on assignment:

As of our 10:00 newscast on Tuesday, on West 20th in Amarillo, there's a large hole... it's several feet deep. It's an effort to fix the water mane break. It's not the break itself though, that's making this our Water Waster of the week.. It's the fact that it neighbors called about it this morning and it wasn't fixed until 3:30 this afternoon. The water was flowing from the hole all the way down to the end of the street...about the length of two city blocks.

We've all heard it.... The city's Every Drop Counts campaign... So one viewer called in, shocked that the city was wasting all of this water. Floyd Hartman with Amarillo Water Distribution says "in total several thousand gallons of water were wasted. This was a two in water mane. Had it been a bigger one it could have wasted 5 thousand gallons a minute." So the city started digging, to fix the leak, several hours after it started. "we have our priorities and this one was one of the smaller ones. We had bigger ones to deal with." Hartman also says they had to wait a minimum of two hours. "It's a state law that we have to comply with. We have to identify all of the other utilities in the area to make sure it's safe for our workers."

When we arrived at the water mane break around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon, the water was squirting out in several places all over the sidewalk and street. In fact, in the ten minutes we were standing here, we actually saw the water push the pavement up and crack it. This hole won't take long to fix, which is good news for the residents of this house.. The city tells me they'll be able to get out of their driveway sometime on Wednesday.