Getting Information Out About Escapees

You may have seen the escapees' faces on our newscast since Monday afternoon.. But some law enforcement agencies in our area just received pictures today.

An initial tele-type was sent out at 1:30 Monday morning to the Amarillo Police Department.

We have learned it was also sent to Palmer, Hawkley, Bailey, and Hail counties along with Lubbock.

This first release did not contain pictures.

Sgt. Brent Barbee with APD Crime Prevention says,"Yesterday afternoon we asked for some additional information. They forwarded the press release to us and the photographs to us."

Potter County did not receive the initial tele-type but did receive pictures this afternoon.. After requesting them.

Officials say from a law enforcement standpoint they understand why time wasn't spent to send pictures out without request.

Sgt. Barbee says, "I don't know if they had some information that led them to believe that escapees were in a particular area rather than this area."

Sgt. Barbee says most likely the Sheriff's office was concentrating its efforts on its hottest leads.. A smart thing most departments would have done.

There may be an explanation for Potter County as well.

Not all agencies are on the same system for alerts... So it is possible that the photos and press release were sent but were not compatible.

We will continue to keep you updated on these men and Wednesday we will be heading back to the scene to see just how they did it.