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AP Update: 6 Curry County escapees still on the loose tonight

CLOVIS, N.M. (AP) _ Six escaped inmates, including a convicted murderer and another with a pending murder charge, remain at large tonight.

Last night, officials say eight Curry County inmates shimmied up pipes behind a wall in a jail shower, cut a hole in the roof and apparently used an evergreen tree to break their fall from the two-story building.

One escapee was captured by police a short time after the group fled the jail last night. Another was caught this evening in Lubbock, Texas, after authorities received a tip and were able to track him there.

Police believe most of the men remaining at large have separated but investigators believe two of them remain together.

Authorities spent much of the day interviewing the escapees' family members and friends.

Multiple homes were searched in the Clovis area. Authorities also searched an Albuquerque home and followed up on a lead in Cactus, Texas.

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