Bail Jumper: Anselmo Cabrera

Anselmo Cabrera
Anselmo Cabrera

Amarillo bond agents are searching for a suspect, they say he is out committing more crime the longer he is out.

Amarillo bond agent Ron Green, has spent close to 50 hours on the streets searching, questioning and trying to track down a man wanted for a felony D.W.I.

It seemed like a simple bond for Green, helping Anselmo Cabrera out of jail back in April.  Cabrera never showed up for his hearing for the D.W.I., which can add more charges, just for skipping out on his bond.

"It's not good and they don't think about the extra ten years of prison they can do for that.   People on bond need to think about before they go jumping up running off," Green said.

Bond agents believe Cabrera is still here in Amarillo, possibly selling drugs. "That's the word I get when I go out on the streets. That he's selling drugs, but he's never been arrested," Green said.

The possibility of the 40 year old selling drugs is another reason Green is asking for the community to be on the look out. "People don't want to get involved, but they are afraid of what could happen if they report someone for doing drugs or selling drugs. They don't want to get involved they should have the other attitude. Clean up their neighborhoods and their city" he said.

Allstate Bail bonds is offering a $500 reward any information leading to Cabrera's arrest. He is described as 5'7 175 pounds with brown hair and eyes.

You can call Allstate Bail Bonds at 376-6699 or Amarillo Police at (806) 374-4400.

Hundreds of bail jumpers skip out on their bail obligations every week, report a bail jumper and earn a reward