Kids Social Security Numbers Stolen....By Their Parents

Parents stealing their own child's identity... It's one of the most popular forms of ID theft and it's happening in Amarillo. It's seems shocking... Parents using their children's social security numbers to apply for credit cards and loans, but it's happening every day... Amarillo Police Department says they see up to 100 cases a month, mostly because the parents have bad credit and see using their child's number as an easy way out of a money crisis. In many cases, the child's financial future can be ruined before they're even old enough to go to school, let alone have a credit card. Janna Kiehl at the Better Business Bureau says "when the child turns 18 and wants to buy a car or 20 and gets married and wants to buy a house, they go to the lender and find out they're not eligible for a loan because they have terrible credit history. Then that opens up a whole box of problems." She adds, unfortunately, at that point, there's nothing the child can's up to them to just start attempting to rebuild their credit. To make sure this doesn't happen to you or your child, the Better Business Bureau recommends you check your credit score online at least once a year. You can do that by going to