Register to Vote From Your XBOX

They're coming out in record numbers... More young people in Amarillo are registering to vote. For Generation Y voters, those who are between 18 and 29, registering to vote has never been easier... All they need is five minutes an XBOX game system.

Whether it's John McCain or Barack Obama, both men need one group of voters on their side.... Generation Y. Amarillo Democrats Jim Jenkins says "It's important. It's always been important" So important, in fact, that technology and politics are teaming up....

Starting on Monday, August 25, you can register to vote from your couch... Navigating the electronic forms with your XBOX controller.

Two young voters we spoke with today say yes, it's convenient, but not a flawless system. Patti Johnson says "just because you register to vote online, doesn't mean you'll actually vote.

It may be easy to register, but you still have to put forth the effort to go and vote." Brian Yearwood says "what about identity and verifying you are who you say you are?"

Perkins says the concerns of the young voters need to be addressed because they're the ones who will be impacted the most by the outcome this November. "They're the ones who'll inherit the decisions we're making."

Which is why he says it's so important that generation y registers to vote... Whether it's on an XBOX or even a form at the DMV. "I think we can compare this election year to the vietnam era. We have a war going on.

We have lots of debt. It's up to the young people to get on the computers, get online whatever and do their research and then pick the man they think will solve the problems." Amarillo Republican Women's member Nancy Jeffus says when it comes to hitting the polls, the youngest voters need to remember one thing... "Everyone has a voice."