New Grading Guidelines In Place In Area School Districts

Failing in school will be more difficult this upcoming school year with new grading guidelines in place at area school districts.

NewsChannel 10 raised some tough questions to the Canyon and Amarillo districts about the policies.

We are told by both districts the new policies will better reflect how a child is learning the material he or she is presented in the classroom.

In a Canyon school, at least four times throughout the school year, students will take a test in each subject to see where they are.  Even if they fail the test, they will go through a process called intervention to learn the material again.

We wanted to know if this could set kids up for failure in the real world...where there often are no second chances.  Kim Beth Buchanan of CISD says, "school is a place for learning, early learning. And our hope is that when they leave here they have mastered that learning."

As for the Amarillo Independent School District, a similar method long-practiced is now a district wide policy.

We asked if it may create more work for the teachers.  Tascosa Cluster Director Stan Chatman says, "that's what the teachers are there for, whether they get it on the first, second or third try."

Both districts say no class as a whole will have to re-learn any material.  They also say students need to learn the material presented no matter what it takes.