Amarillo School Receives National Accreditation

An Amarillo school earns national accreditation for its exceptional performance.

Opportunity School was awarded accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The school serves primarily low-income and at-risk children and is among only eight percent of early childhood programs in the nation to receive accreditation.

Dianne Hill, Executive Director of Opportunity School, says that the accreditation is more than just an award, saying, "Our purpose is to help these children get those really early skills that they need to be successful in school, but not just in school - we really wan them to have the life skills that'll help them be responsible, happy, confident, eager learners.  We want these children and their parents to be lifelong learners."

Accreditation is based on performance in education and childhood development.

The Opportunity School's central campus is currently the only early childhood program in the Panhandle that is accredited by the NAEYC

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