Thrift Store Donations Up

Struggling or suffering when it comes to money... It's a problem plaguing 123 million Americans, according to a Gallup Index released today.

More Americans than ever are turning to thrift stores and consignment shops to find bargains on back to school clothes.

Despite the struggling economy, donations to thrift stores are booming. Amarillo Family Thrify Store owner says they've been "blessed by the amount of donations we've received. Our extra building is full. Our stock room is full. We don't have enough room for all of the donations we're getting in. The number of people donating has just been great."

Among the most donated Garcia says it's a good thing because shoes are one of the most sought after items by back to school bargain hunters. "Shoes. Kids need it and parents can't seem to find them anywhere. Places like this are a good place to find items like shoes, for prices that are just a little bit lower." We spoke to one family who expects to save $400 this year by doing school shopping at consignment stores.