Changes in Back to School Shopping

It's the weakest it's been in nearly thirty years. A recent labor report says the US economy continues heading downhill.

The economy heading downhill has many families heading to consignment shops to get their kids new clothes for school.

Lynnel Cahoon of Amarillo has never shopped for back to school clothes at consignment shops...until now. "I have three boys. We used to take them to the mall, but now with the way gas prices are, we're trying to be more frugal so it's consignment shops all the way." Cahoon says paying higher prices at department stores just doesn't make sense. "Especially at the mall and shoe stores. It's crazy."

Her family isn't the only one that is looking for a bargain. Racheal Jones of Children's Exchange Consignment Shop says, "school uniforms, jeans, tops, backpacks. You can buy a shirt for 60 dollars at a department store or buy an entire outfit here."

Amarillo Family Thrift Store owner Alina Garcia says she's seeing more customers than ever lining up at her cash register. "They come in complaining about the prices at department stores. They're just trying to do the best they can and still get their kids ready for school."

Today's shopping trip was a win-win situation for Lynell Cahoon. Her boys were able to walk out of the store with bags full of clothes., and she was able to walk out with some money still in her wallet. "Usually we spend about $ 1000 on our three boys. This year we'll spend about $400 less, so we'll save about $400 this year.