San Jose Residents Concerned About Flooding

It's being described as the worst flooding San Jose has ever seen. San Jose resident Fedecnia Silba says, "these are people's lives and homes. It's important. We're important." She's talking about the flooding near her home. She doesn't understand why it keeps happening. "There are culverts that I believe were intentionally put there. What I want to know and what we all want to know is why?"

Deaf Smith County Judge Tom Simons says, "there is a culvert there. It's been there for thirty years and it was not put there on purpose. I assume that's where the water flows naturally." The judge says he realizes the problem, and they're working with TxDOT and Texas Tech to find a solution.

But Silba says there's one thing standing in their way... "Dollar signs. It's all about the money. Big dollar signs." The Judge says, "The county can't do it. The money will have to come from elsewhere...maybe a federal grant or somewhere, but we can't do it."

In the meantime, Silba is taking matters into her own hands. "I've been going around getting statements from people, assessing the damage, trying to figure out who to send it to, who can help us." We'll keep you updated on the decisions made by Texas Tech and TxDOT.