Not Paying Speeding Ticket Equals Jail For Some

Failing to pay your speeding tickets could mean an embarrassing arrest and jail time.

Over the summer the Amarillo Police Department had eight officers focus solely on tracking down warrants.  They ended up clearing more than eight hundred.

Not paying a ticket lands many in jail.  But time behind bars can be easily avoided.  City Court Administrator Victoria Medley says, "we just want them to comply, we have stuff set up to avoid letting things go to warrant."

The city allows people to pay tickets, from parking violations to speeding citations, online and by phone.  Those are options police say should be utilized.  Corporal Brian Thomas says, "save that embarrassment of us going to your house or business and having you come with us. Come get it taken care of."

On things like speeding or parking tickets, the city generally gives 30 to 60 days for them to be paid.  Police say the number of warrants cleared in the last two months is impressive.  Thomas says, "when you take 8 guys and put them on city warrants and 806 are cleared up from that, that's a huge number."

A huge number that made the city $161,000 richer.

Those eight officers will return to their usual duties, but Thomas says they still will be chasing down warrants.