Big Education Bill Costing You

A law designed to help more kids go to college helps and hurts a local university.

This bill has taken years to finalize and pass. Officials at West Texas A&M University say they are happy to see it installed.. But know it comes with pros and cons.

The new law aims at helping students with top issues like financial aid.. And giving back to universities who are active in finding student funding.

James Hallmark, Ph.D. with WTAMU says, "It recognizes or rewards institutions that are doing a good job financially of taking care of the student. Obviously we at WT think we are one of those institutions. It recognizes and rewards those institutions that have kept the price down and we have."

While WT may be praised on one side.. They are be penalized on another.

"On the other side, it punishes institutions such as ours that our under price and need to raise tuition because the bill puts significant limits on our ability to raise tuition to keep up with fuel cost, to keep up with all the cost that everybody is facing as well and that was done in an effort to protect students and we certainly understand and appreciate that but at the same time we have to pay the bills just like any other institution."

Hallmark means.. For example, lets say institutions can only raise tuition 10 percent.

If a high cost institution charges 100 dollars a credit hour... They can increase tuition by 10 bucks..

Where as if a smaller institution charges 50 dollars, they can only make a five dollar jump.

Meaning high cost institutions can make a larger tuition jump to cover cost. says the new law will cost the average family just over 12 hundred dollars, and for a single student to go to college, the organization says get ready to dish out an extra 400 bucks.