School Preparation Begins at Home

Many students will return to school in less than one week...and parents are urged to prepare their children for school right now.  Experts we spoke with say preparation for the start of the school year begins at home.  They say many bad habits form over the summer for children...including their sleep habits.

"The main thing that they need to do this week is just get a regular bed time and a regular wake up time because that seems to be the most difficult to undo," Paula Ward, AISD.

Here's what else you can do: have regularly scheduled meals, cut out junk food, and put and end to  sleep overs or late night company.   Read books, review their new school schedule and have a practice run through, including getting their clothes ready.

"Get excited and show the student and your child that you're excited, that this is going to be a great year, so that the child can get into that mind set as well," Paula Ward, AISD.

Teachers can tell if a child is prepared early on in the school year.  "We look at a lot of the standards and things that we did last year, to kind of see where they are.  And a lot of it is kind of an early assessment, and then we go from there to find out what they know, what they remembered.  That's a big thing," Bink Binkley, Mesa Verde Elementary.

The other important preparation tool?  You as parents.  "Parents are our best model for education and what's best for kids.  Parents need to show kids how important school is; making sure and establishing those rules at home; that right now is the most important time of their lives and that they need to get here and take care of busines," Bink Binkley, Mesa Verde Elementary.