Free Texting Service to Answer Your Questions

A new free texting service that can answer any question may seem like good thing ... But there could be drawbacks in the future.

Teryn Campbell is an avid texter, "Everyday, I text message at least 10 times a day."

But she has never heard of Cha-Cha. The service that lets users text 242-242 and receive an answer to their questions... For free.

"It is kind of strange that it would be free and you can get whatever answer you want."

Right now, the company says it makes money through advertising.. But that could change.

Ray Wilson with Cat-Man-Du says, "We should always be aware that there are charges when you send a text message and that is totally up to your provider or the plan that you chose. If you are paying per text, or if you have a for so many text this is going to be a service that is going to add to that in some way."

Wilson says also be wary, the rules may change.. Meaning just because it is free now.. In six months they may change their policy.

While they may charge for text in the future... Cha- Cha isn't making money selling your information to other companies... They have a strict privacy rule, and guarantee your information won't be released through them.

For those who are text savvy... They say they expected to see this type of service.

Dylan Babbampson says, "I figured sooner or later something like that would come up."