AISD Says: Use Your Phone, Pay $15

Cell phones... They've become a necessary lifeline for many of us. But don't use it during school, or it's going to cost you.

AISD's Communications Director Holly Shelton says, "Your phone will be confiscated and the only way to get it back is to pay a fifteen dollar fine." And that's just the first time... Become a repeat offender and you could get your cell phone taken away for the entire semester.

Lisa Caraway, who has a child in high school, doesn't like this new regulation. "I don't think that kids should be able to use phones in school, but paying a fine isn't right. Because it's the parents that will end up having to pay for it."

Mandy Hanson is a Tascosa High Sophomore who doesn't think money will talk quite as loudly as AISD is hoping it will. "There will still be some kids who just don't care and you will break the rules anyway." In case Hanson is right, AISD has big plans for the money.

Shelton says, "We will be buying new computers, new projectors, things to keep kids educated with the newest technology." They have high hopes though... Shelton hopes the "fund is empty," because similar programs have worked at other area schools.

Bushland High School Principal Rick Davis says "the teachers [he's] talked with say they've seen a big decrease in the amount of kids using cell phones. They've been instructed to take a phone away as soon as they see it being used." When it comes to emergency situations concerning safety, students will be allowed to use phones in school.