Lake Meredith Levels May Rise As Canadian River Crests

The Canadian River is almost reaching its crest.

The rain over the past few days is causing the river to rise and move rapidly.

The early predictions calculated the river to crest at about seven feet.

Well the place where that river ends needs every drop it can get.

The mood around Lake Meredith is one of excitement and anticipation.

"Everbody's excited when we have water running. Some of us have not seen that much water run since we've been here," said Arlene Wimer, a spokeswoman for the National Park Service.

Wimer has surveyed every bit of the Lake Meredith National Recreation Area for the past three years.

She's never seen a scene like this.

The Canadian River is expected to crest at six and a half feet in the morning.

"We should see this water hit in six days or so. Give or take a day," said Kent Satterwhite, the General Manager of the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority.

Experts are predicting the lake to go up anywhere from three to 10 feet.

It's been decades since the levels have increased this much.

"I think back in the early 80's we got a lot of rain in the boys ranch area. We saw a 30 foot rise in about a three week period," said George Surles, the manager of the marina at Lake Meredith

The park service and marina are expecting the rising levels to mean big business when Labor Day weekend rolls around in a couple weeks.

But CRMWA is expecting to pump the lake more.

"We've had these worst case predictions everyone has been talking about... well that will let us pump from the lake. we wont have to pump as much groundwater from our well field which is more expensive and non renewable," said Satterwhite.

Now it will be a few days before we know how much water reaches the lake.

Because It's been so dry the water needs to cut a new channel across portions of land the National Park Service consider's "seasonal wetlands."