Bail Jumper: Tanya Marrufo

Thousands of dollars is spent tracking down people who skip out on their bail. Taxpayers and bond agents are the ones stuck with that bill.

Amarillo bond agent Chris Konnecke has invested over $3,000 searching for a local bail jumper.   The money and time spent has Konnecke offering a reward.  He's willing to pay you to help find a local woman who is writing hot checks all over Amarillo.

Tanya Marrufo is NewsChannel Ten's most recent bail jumper.  She could help put a few hundred dollars in your pocket. How? If you have any information that will help Freedom Bail Bonds find her.

Bond Agent, Chris Konnecke is exhausting his hunt, "You spend a lot of waking hours. On Tanya Marrufo you know probably hours looking for her and driving all over . So yeah it cost me a lot of money, " he said.

Another reason Konnecke says you should help, the toll bail jumpers take on the community.  "There's lots of costs. They go through collections or send them straight over to the county attorney. There's hundreds of charges. When they write multiple checks it can cost thousands," Konnecke explained.

Bond agents say it should not be hard to find her. The 29 year-old has family and a child living here in Amarillo.  They have had one incident with Marrufo, which led to a chase they bond agents had to call off.

Konnecke describes the incident, "She pulled out in front of her mom's house and I pulled behind them and they took off. And were driving way too fast so I backed off".

Bond agents are not expecting her to go far, but are not taking the chance.   They have been  actively looking since June and are taking any tips that the community can provide.

Konnecke said, "I think she's still in Amarillo. Her family says she is staying in Hereford but I believe she is in Amarillo, all her ties are here".

Tanya Marrufo is 29 years old, 5'5 140 pounds with black hair and brown eyes.

If you have any information on Tanya Marrufo and want to cash in on this bail jumper. Call Freedom bail bonds at 374-0333