Students Pay Fines for Cell Phone Use

Zero tolerance... AISD is sending that message to students when it comes to cell phone use in schools.

Starting on Monday, AISD students who get caught using a cell phone anytime at school will have their phone taken away. They'll have to pay fifteen dollars to get it back.

As far as what is defined as using a phone... AISD's Holly Shelton says basically, if it's on and in your hand, you're breaking the rules. "Taking a picture, text messaging, downloading music, or even using it as a clock like a lot of kids do."

This is the first year AISD has implemented this policy, but other area schools have been doing it for years. River Road ISD says they have a fifteen dollar fine as well, but their penalties include in school suspension, for repeat offenders. Bushland High Principal Rick Davis tells us he's seen a drastic decrease in the number of kids using cell phones in school since they started fining them.