Doctor Offices Swamped Before School Starts

Patients may find it a little harder to get in to see a doctor or dentist this week. The reason the start of the school year is right around the corner.  Health offices in our area, are seeing a surge of parents taking their children in for check ups, physicals and immunizations.  Making sure their child is ready for that first day of school.

Dentist Chris Brady, says his office has been packed with patients.  "I see a lot of new patients. We've been blessed with a lot people coming in. New kids wanting to get their teeth checked and cleaned. Get back into a routine. So this year it really is busy that time of year," Brady said.

This is the last week to get your child in to see the doctor or dentist before Amarillo schools start up.

Doctors say all patients should call as soon as possible to get in to see them. If not you may have to wait weeks before seeing a doctor.  They say it is especially hard for new patients to get in right now.

Doctors say a new patient may have to wait your wait at least 1-2 weeks before seeing a doctor.   Some local offices have even extended office times to get all patients in.