New High Tech Way to Irrigate Crops

New technology appearing in some local farms is setting a trend that could help the entire public.

Global positioning technology allows the farmer to know exact information about how his crop is being irrigated by his central pivot irrigation system.

"The new part is the GPS keeps control of where it is in the field and reports it to a web site, cuts down on manpower and labor, can track it going down the road on his cell phone," said Dale Bailey, who installs these new hi tech systems.

Farmers are now able to control their crop from miles away.

This will allow them to save time and cut down on crop input costs like water and power.

"The management tool, computerized control panel, GPS system allows him to better manage the water and put in on whenever he wants and that saves him money," said Leon New, an expert with the Texas AgriLife Extension Agency.

Experts predict the savings in the field will trickle down and mean savings for the consumer.

"Hopefully we'll do a better job of raising crops and lowering food prices in the city," said Bailey.

The drop in food prices may be a few years away.

Both new and bailey predict every irrigation system in the panhandle will be equipped with this technology within the next 10 years.