Getting the Best Deal on School Supplies

The average family with two children will spend $594 on back to school items. School supplies can add up quickly and take up a big chunk of that money.

We've taken the guess work out of school supply shopping... We went to three stores to compare prices.Whitney Chapa was one of many parents shopping for everything from pencils to markers to notebooks this afternoon. "We've already spent $50 and we are probably going to spend another $100, maybe even $200 more today." Chapa's not the only parent shelling out big bucks getting their kids ready for school.

School supply prices have gone up 2.5% since last year. Armed with a second grade school supply list, we went to three Amarillo stores to find you the best deal... Wal-Mart, Office Depot and Walgreens. For the sake of equal comparison, we only shopped for name brand items. Here's what we found... The best deals were at Wal-Mart, with the grand total coming in at $18.78. You'll spend a few more dollars at Office Depot... $24.95. Be prepared to shell out the most cash at Walgreens... We bought everything on the list for $27.74. If you don't want to search for each individual item, Office Depot makes it easy for you... They've put together a bundle of generic school items. That's a bargain at $14.98. Many of the items we shopped for were on sale, and most of those sales only last through this weekend.