Recent Farm Bill Costing You More? - Some Farmers Say Yes

Billy Bob Brown
Billy Bob Brown

Farmers across the country and in our area are hiking their sale prices to be able to live..

And they blame you having to pay more on the recently passed Farm Bill.

Farmers used to receive government assistance during difficult times.. But it's not the same anymore.. And they have to sell their goods for more.

Right now is a seller's market thanks in part to other countries buying U.S. products...

But veteran farmers know the market can change quickly..

Without a safety net... Some are concerned how small farmers will make it if the market changes.

Farmer Billy Bob Brown says, "I have had years in the past, I've had to depend on the government program, the cash flow. In order to even get financing to operate."

If the small farms fail... The price you pay will continue to increase..

Brown says consumers may just be stuck... And should expect higher prices in the grocery store.

While prices are high.. They could be worse.