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State Cracks Down on Uninsured Drivers

Brad Lambden, Allstate Brad Lambden, Allstate
State Representative John Smithee State Representative John Smithee

Our auto insurance rates could be coming down...thanks to an insurance verification program launched by the State of Texas.

The pilot program aimed at curbing the number of uninsured drivers on Texas roads appears to be working.

You are most likely paying for insurance coverage on the chance of getting hit by someone who is not covered. The Insurance Verification Program is wrapping up its 60 day trial period in Austin and will soon be on its way to our area.

During its trial period, the state found about one in four Texas drivers are on the road without insurance...a higher number than previously estimated.

But that is not a surprise to one local agent. Brad Lambden of Allstate says, it's not shocking, and says they have more people coming in with uninsured motorist claims.

If the program works once expanded to the rest of the state, there is a chance we could see lower rates. State Representative John Smithee says if we can cut the number of uninsured drivers by half, we could see our rates go down.

Smithee says how many uninsured motorists taken off the road depends on how aggressive the legislature wants to be. In the mean time, both he and Lambden urge all drivers to get uninsured motorist coverage.

Smithee says another idea being bounced around in the legislature is confiscating license plates when a driver has no proof of insurance.

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