Comedy Controversy

Controversy over the comedy Tropic Thunder has caused protests, encouraging people to boycott the movie.

While there are no protests here, local advocates in our area are asking the community to educate themselves about people with disabilities. They say the movie pushes the boundaries using the word retarded, more than 17 times during the film.

Local special Olympics advocate Freddie Taylor says the word and the movie un-fairly label people with intellectual disabilities. "They hold jobs like we do... Out in the community. They're our friends, our neighbors. I just don' think they need to be made fun of. It's still an ugly word," Taylor said.

Advocates say the word perpetuates a stigma that they have worked decades to overcome.   Some movie goers say the politically incorrect term is just a word. And it's not stopping them from seeing the movie.

"It's just a word it's not going to keep me from going to see the movie. I'm sure there is more offensive stuff then retard. It's definitely a part of everything. Sometimes it's more on edge than others. You just got to take with a grain of salt," ticket holder Brian Croxton said.

More than 5,000 intellectually disabled people live in Amarillo. So far advocates say there are no protest planned for our area.