Emaciated Horses in the Panhandle

Horses that look like they haven't eaten in weeks... It's a continuing problem in the Panhandle.  It falls under animal cruelty in the law books... Not properly feeding your horses and making sure they are taken care of.

A viewer sent in pictures of horses she saw on I-40 in Gray County. The American Quarter Horse Association gets calls about horses like this all the time. Tom Persechino says " the AQHA isn't a shelter, so we have to rely on local law enforcement. Hopefully law enforcement can help the horses and or the owner."

We called the Gray County Sheriff this morning about the horses the viewer snapped photos of. Lt. Hoard says a crew went out there to take some more pictures earlier today and, thanks to our phone call, they are now conducting an investigation.

The only other option besides getting law enforcement involved is to send the horse to a humane shelter, but Persechino says those are hard to come by. "We did a study and only 3 out of the top 100 major cities have shelters that are equipped to take care of horses and taking horses in."