Neglected Horses: A Continuing Problem

Sick and neglected horses are becoming a problem in the Panhandle. A few weeks ago we told you about horses that are being neglected and left to their own devices by owners who just didn't want them anymore or couldn't afford them.

Today we're looking at the challenges owners face if they choose to keep their horses. One of the main challenges... Keeping the horses well fed. As the economy continues to worsen, it's getting more and more expensive to make sure the horses eat.

Tom Persechino at the American Quarter Horse Association says "the increasing price of corn, the increasing fuel prices... They all affect the horses. We used to see one call every few years about malnourished horses. Now there's not a week or a day that goes by without us getting a phone call about it."

Another reason why so many horses are malnourished.... The owners don't know what else to do with them. There are only a handful of humane societies around the nation that are equipped to handle horses... And none in our area.