Fewer Fill Ups Could Mean Fewer Road Repairs

Paul Braun,TxDOT
Paul Braun,TxDOT

Gas prices have fewer people filling up, and in turn, is causing less cash flow to one of the states most important departments.

For every gallon of gas you pump... The Texas Department of Transportation gets 15 cents.

Fewer drivers means fewer funds for the department to fix roadways, make repairs, ect..

And the battle may only get worse.

Projections show TxDOT will lose more than 10 million this month in gas tax revenue.

Paul Braun with TxDOT says, "We know that the gas taxes alone federal and state are not going to make up the gap that we have in our financial shortcoming with TxDOT and we have to look at other areas in order to make up for that gap."

There is a fluke increase right now through another fuel that is keeping funds in check.. But that may not last.

"Diesel fuel consumption is up, we don't understand why but it is. And that is contributing to a 1.7% increase in our gas tax revenues this year... But unleaded fuels are either stagnate or declining a bit." Braun says.

If this downward unleaded trend continues or diesel consumption drops... Other funding options will be needed.

"We have to look at things like public/private financing of roadways, maybe even toll roads in some areas, pass through financing in some areas. We just have to look at other ways to fund the roadway construction and maintenance."

Just to give you an idea of how fewer miles Americans are driving, June saw a drop in 12 billion miles driven from the same time last year.