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San Jon Water Source Clogged by Mysterious Substance

Village Manager Bobbye Rose Village Manager Bobbye Rose
Public Works Director Wade Lane Public Works Director Wade Lane

A massive clog in San Jon's only water line causes officials to scramble to fix it and find funding for the project.

Just a few weeks ago the water stopped flowing... And what they found was clogging the pipe shocked everyone.

Here is what officials believed happened. A thin layer of magnesium mineral kept chipping off and eventually the pieces combined and caused this type of problem which eventually caused the pipes to clog. Now, to get past the problem, officials have had to stop the line that's four inches coming into the village, redirect it to a 3 inch line, which is then directed to another three inch line just to keep water flowing. This is just a temporary fix.

A new seven mile pipeline will need to be built.

Officials are now trying to get funding from the state to cover the cost... Because if they don't get funding... They don't get a pipeline.

Village Manager Bobbye Rose says, "There is no way that we would have the funds to do that kind of project, we have very low bonding capacity, we only have 125 customers in our community. 125 divided by a million dollars would be quite the expense, we just couldn't do it."

The biggest concern now is ensuring there is enough water in case of an emergency such as a fire.

"We do have a 100 thousand gallon tank here in town, overhead, elevated, that is kept full at all times." Public Works Director Wade Lane says.

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