Water Wasters: Save 1000 Gallons of Water Every Month!

A local apartment complex home to hundreds of Amarillo residents... Brighton Court tops the list of this week's Water Wasters.

Newschannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos is on assignment: These segments usually feature a broken or misguided sprinkler head, but this week we're dealing with something a little bit different. A viewer called about Brighton Court Apartments, so we went over there to check it out. The sidewalks are completely flooded. In one of the photos you can actually see a kid taking advantage of the water and having some fun splashing around. Management tells me this was a one time occurence... They were filling up the pool and accidentally left the hose running.

Now it's time for our Water Saving Tip of the Week. You can save thousands gallons of water a month and it only take a few seconds. Turn on your shower and time how long it takes to fill up a one gallon bucket. If it takes less than 20 seconds to fill the bucket, your shower head is wasting water and you should consider purchasing a low-flow shower head. Also, if you can limit your time in the shower to just five minutes per day, you could conserve 1000 gallons of water per month. As always, keep the water wasting photos coming. Send them our way at waterwasters@newschannel10.com.