Free Criminal Background Checks

Keeping your business safe from criminals without paying for a costly background check may be possible with the help of a new website and some local employers say they will be using next time they need to hire an employee.

Background checks can cost $200 dollars or more. But just requires logging in and supplying a person's full name and the state they live in and their criminal records should come up.

Small business owner Susan Hobbs says she has never conducted a background check on a potential employee because of the cost but says she's been curious.

"You don't know how long you'll hold onto that employee after spending 200.... "

Local Belmar Bakery General Manager says theft is his number one concern and this website is an easy way to do a preliminary check.

After checking with the Amarillo Police Department we found the site does not list every criminal charge.

Officers say to be sure of a person's criminal history ask your potential employee to request a free criminal report through the local police department.