Suspected Chupacabra Caught Alive on Camera

While checking fence line in rural Dewitt County, Texas between San Antonio and Victoria, Sheriff's Deputies got quite a surprise when they saw an animal that looked like nothing they had ever seen before.

Caught on their dashboard camera, they describe it as looking like a coyote, but with gray skin, short hair or no hair, long back legs, short front legs, a snout-like nose, and two very distinct fangs.

Deputies believe what they found may be the legendary Chupacabra.

While never seen alive before, Farmers and Ranchers in South Texas, Northern Mexico, and Puerto Rico swear the mysterious animals exist.  Hundreds of goats and chickens have turned up dead, with two fang marks in their neck and all of their blood sucked out.

Skeptics put the Chupacabra in the same category of Big Foot, or the Lockness Monster, but two other animals killed in that same area of Texas resemble the animal caught on camera.

DNA tests of both of those animals showed they resembled canines, but did not match exactly.

The County Sheriff says he's willing to work with any credible researchers who want to look at the video, and solve the mystery.