Abandoned Houses: Take a Look Inside

Empty houses with broken windows and delapitated interiors... Amarillo Police say it's a problem plaguing area neighborhoods.

City code enforcement tells mus there are more than 600 condemned structures in Amarillo, many of those being houses the owners left years ago. Once those owners walk out the door, many homes wind up looking like this... Destroyed and torn apart... Crawling with bugs and littered with trash. These abandoned houses are attracting trouble in some neighborhoods.

APD COPS Unit Corporal Sam Martinez says "it is a problem. Homeless people come in. Vagrants wander in and out all night. Drugs are often times sold here. It brings along a lot of illegal activity, especially late at night."

In the case of one house on North Grant, it's been abandoned for several months now and condemned by the city, making it illegal for anyone to even step foot inside. Other houses like one on Taylor haven't been condemned yet, so anyone can come and go as they please.