The Truth About Expensive Diets

More Amarilloans are spending money on expensive diets in an attempt to lose weight.

One in four Texans is obese according to the Center for Disease Control, and marketing and companies are doing their best to make them spend money on expensive "miracle diets."

Local Health Specialist Carolyn McPhearson-Baker says these fad diets may help you loose weight at first but can cause problems later.

"Many of these fad diets, you know the juice diets and the drinks, the canned drinks and things like that,"she says, " You can loose alot of weight but it's hard on your body, it's hard on your heart even. But if you eat real food and you continue eating that way and you continue eating those foods then you can loose the weight, become the weight you want and maintain it."

McPhearson-Baker says low calorie frozen meals can be a good choice, but not always. To loose weight, avoid refined carbohydrates like flour, rice, sugar, and white potatoes.

Foods that are great for loosing weight include skim milk, yogurt, bran, nuts, meat, and fish in moderate portions.

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