Governor Wants Better Math and Science Education

If your child dreams of a career in a field with a math or science background, the Governor of Texas claims he or she will be ill-prepared for the job.

Rick Perry's Competitiveness Council says math and science education in Texas schools must be improved. The council says better education, specifically in those subjects, is the only way the state will be able to stay competitive in the global economy.

The panel of almost 30 members says a solution needs to be found soon to prepare for a "workforce deficit" expected in certain industries in the near future.

However, one Amarillo Independent School District official points out one critical issue.  Tascosa cluster director Stan Chatman says "we teach the state curriculum."

The governor says the state needs to do a better job in developing students' skills in areas that serve as backgrounds to industries like energy, aerospace and defense.

Chatman admits there is room for improvement, but the state has to take the lead.

Half of college freshmen in Texas are enrolled in remedial classes.

But Chatman says he believes students in the AISD are well equipped in those subjects when they get to college.