Bail Jumper: Tomas Romero, Suspect Search Gets Personal

A fugitive could be on the loose right here in our community. It's not the first time we told you about Tomas Romero.

Sometimes bond agents can get a little personal when it comes to helping out their customer, but when they don't show up for court and are accused of murder. The search for a suspect heats up and turns personal.

Time is ticking for Tomas Romero. Allstate bond Agent, Ron Green says he is anxious to bring Romero in.

"They generally give us 6 months on misdemeanors and 9 months on felony to get them in custody." Green explaining the terms he has with the courts.

If he doesn't find Romero or other bail jumpers Green has to pay. "It ticks me off and we hunt very diligently. Every bonds man I know hunts very diligently for their skips," he said.

And that is not they only reason Green wants to catch Romero. Two years ago he helped Romero out of jail, after his arrest on minor charges.  A month or so later, Romero was accused of murder.   Green says that thought does not sit well on his conscious, "That eats at me get some out on something petty and they go kill someone. Keeps me awake at night ".

Green is persistently searching for Romero who continues to rack up charges. "Charges... is a probation violation, gun charge, drug charge and of course a murder charge," he said.  Romero is accused of killing a 22-year-old man in front of the La cabana nightclub, which leaves Green questioning who could be next.

"He know's he's wanted. He knows what he's wanted for and he knows what's gonna happen when he gets caught,"a frustrated Green explains. Green says he heard that Romero was killed in Mexico, but believes he is still alive. Traveling between Amarillo and Mexico selling drugs in our area, Hereford and the surrounding counties.

If you have any information about Tomas Romero, you are encouraged to call Amarillo Police Department at 374-4400 or Allstate Bail Bond at 379-6699. Both advise anyone how comes in contact with Romero to call police.