Don't Drink the Bleach!

Poison Control Dr. Jeanie Jaramillo
Poison Control Dr. Jeanie Jaramillo

Children drinking bleach is one of the top reasons parents call Panhandle Poison Control. In fact, they say they get at least one call a day.

Newschannel 10 found out the best way to prevent your child from getting a hold of the dangerous chemical.

You can use bleach while the kids are at home but make sure to keep a close eye on it while you work and most importantly keep it in the container you bought it in.

It's an easy mistake. After coming in for a drink on a hot day Poison Control Dr. Jeanie Jaramillo says kids will grab almost anything.

"The biggest message is don't ever get a chemical out and put it into another container. Especially a drink container," says Jaramillo.

Household bleach will likely cause vomiting and in rare situations a coma but some bleach concentrates are more hazardous than others.

"Most household bleach are not extremely harmful, but industrial strength bleach is very corrosive, " says Jaramillo. "So we like people to call the poison center so we can assess what kind of bleach it was. If it gets in the eyes that is more dangerous and we might have to send them to the hospital. "

One mom of two says after realizing how common drinking bleach is she is going to take extra precautions.

Michaela Mallory says, "It is a good reminder. She is one today and she's getting up and crawling. And yeah it's crossed my mind when she's been in the kitchen that I need to grab my cabinet things from when she was little but this will probably make me get home and get them on their right now. "

If you ever have a scare with bleach or another chemical call the Panhandle Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

Jaramillo warns never to mix bleach with acid toilet bowl cleaners or ammonia. These mixtures may produce fumes which can be deadly as well.