Wildlife vs. Wind Turbines

Experts have converged on Amarillo to discuss what is more important, renewable energy, or continuing to protect birds and bats, which are regularly found dead underneath wind turbines.

Wind and wildlife experts say the problem is clean energy, which they say is good for the country, is also killing birds and bats in many regions.

Officials say they chose Amarillo for this conference because the impending construction of thousands of wind turbines in the Panhandle will have a significant impact on wildlife and now is an excellent time to begin research.

"We are partnering with Texas tech to help understand better the impact if any, wind development on the wildlife that the department is responsible for managing and conserving," said Carter Smith, the Executive Director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The state is just now starting to research the impact of wind turbines on natural habitats and animals despite the industries boom over the past decade.

But the problem is, everyone agrees renewable energy is vital but, the wind industry is so new, there just hasn't been enough research nationwide.