Shooting Victim's Mother Searches for Justice

Amarillo police are still searching for a couple involved in a July 4th shooting, that left a local teen temporarily disabled.

It was a call no mother wants to receive, but one Amarillo mother who wants to remain anonymous got a dreaded call her son was shot. "When I got the call they just told me he had been shot. I was just hysterical I just didn't know what to do. I had to get back here as soon as possible," she explains

When she arrived at the hospital she found out her son endured 6 gunshot wounds to his back in front of the Stepper's nightclub.

She said, "He was out and him and this guy got into it and they've fist fought.  Then they come back and just shoot you ".

The incident happened at around 4:10 a.m. after the night club let out for the night. According to police a fight ensued between the victim and a female suspect Curby Brown and Antoine Gentry. Police say Brown gave Gentry a gun, which he used to shoot the victim 6 times causing hours of agony that police say could have been prevented.

Amarillo Police Department, Corporal Jerry Neufeld says, "Unfortunate. What happens people get emotional. Too much alcohol involved. Unfortunately the result was deadly conduct".

Conduct that's left a family looking for answers. The Victim's mother says the situation is unkind, "I  don't think its fair my son got shot six times almost took his life coming out of our pockets none of it's fair to us.

Police are actively searching for suspects Curby Brown and Antoine Gentry and the mother firmly believes the suspects will be caught.  He'll (Gentry) be caught. You can't stay hiding fore ever. It's a miserable life," she said.

Amarillo police believe one of the suspects may still be in our area.  If anyone has information on the shooting, you can call CrimeStoppers at 374-4400. All information given can remain anonymous.