Turf Fields: Not Just for Athletes

Using two million dollars of your tax money... AISD recently installed new turf fields at all four Amarillo high schools.

But just because your child doesn't play football doesn't mean they won't be able to take advantage of the new turf. AISD says at minimum, one third of the students will use the fields on a regular basis. Assistant Athletic Director Alan Hunnicit says "you've got band that will use the field to practice. You've got ROTC that will use the field to do drills everyday. You've got all the PE classes. So, it's not like its only athletics who will use the field." If your child isn't even in high school, they can still benefit from the field.

AISD says little league and pee wee teams are going to use the new turf too. Community members can also reserve the fields for special events. Despite the high price tag, AISD says the fields are saving them money... Prior to installing the turf, maintenance on Dick Bivins alone cost 65-thousand dollars a year.