You Will Pick up the Cost for Autopsies

Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley
Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley
Randall County District Attorney James Farren
Randall County District Attorney James Farren

You will dish out the cash because of a move made in Lubbock, because of the closure of the Lubbock Medical Examiners officer.

Travel, gas, hotels, food allowances... They are now all expenses that will come from your pocket..

And quickly as both Potter, Randall and more than 75 other counties try to find another place to send autopsy work.

Potter County Attorney Scott Brumley says, "Lubbock obviously is much more cost efficient in terms of transportation cost than Dallas or any other place that is going to be large enough to have certified Pathologist."

Not only is it going to cost to increase the travel to Dallas, 6 hours away, or the 4 hours to Albuquerque or Oklahoma City... But the autopsies may cost more as will travel for detectives.

Right now, officials with Potter-Randall Special Crimes say they only pay for a tank of gas to get to Lubbock... If we go to Dallas that will change to probably hotel fare, gas or airfare, and food for detectives.

Randall County District Attorney James Farren says, "If it is going to cost more to do this, the only source for the funds to do that is the tax payers."

Some people are asking why don't we just set up shop here. James Farren says the start up cost would be very high.

Farren says, "A really top level Pathologist isn't cheap, they are very expensive, they have a lot of expertise and expertise cost money."

Not to mention you would need at least two... So that they can trade shifts, have days off, ect.

"At this point I would be amazed if Potter and Randall counties could put together sufficient funds to employee a pathologist on a regular basis." Farren says.

Both Farren and Brumley say they would be open to discussion about an Amarillo ME office.. And if enough surrounding counties joined in... It may be worth it.