The Cost of Going Green

It's about saving money and energy... Going Green is a trend sweeping the nation and it's happening right here in Amarillo. When deciding to go green, it's all about a cost benefit analysis. To give you an example of the cost... Dekker/Perrich/Sabatini Architectural Firm moved from a 30,000 square foot normal building to a 250,000 square foot green building. Construction on the green building costs more initially but one of the architects says they've actually saved money by doing it. Our energy costs are the same for a three story building and a one story building. We pay 75,000 dollars in both places. So in reality it's all about paying yourself back", says Barry Taylor. AISD is saving money as well by incorporating many green concepts in school renovations. ASID Communications Director Holly Shelton estimates they will see a savings of $40,000 a year.