Randall County Could Be Paying More For Fire Fighting

Fire protection could begin costing Randall County citizens more.

Last week's decision to eliminate two volunteer fire houses has left Randall County without volunteer firefighters, and now they're getting the bill from the Amarillo Fire Department.

The Osage Fire Department's old contract said Randall County would pay them 50 thousand dollars a year.

But now by eliminating this volunteer service Randall County could begin paying even more for citizen's safety.

Now Randall County will be paying the Amarillo Fire Department on a per call basis.

Just last week the AFD would still respond to calls in rural Randall County without being charged extra.

The Osage Fire Department averaged 430 calls per year, making each call cost about 116 dollars.

Chief Steve Ross with the Amarillo Fire Department tells us, each call can cost, on average, anywhere from 75 to 300 dollars.

Which could end up costing Randall County anywhere from 32 thousand to 129 thousand dollars.

Chief Ross said it's hard to give a better estimate because the AFD hasn't responded to enough calls in rural Randall County, to draw a more exact figure.