The Future of Fire Protection in NE Randall Co. Uncertain

Bob Karrh, Randall County Commissioner
Bob Karrh, Randall County Commissioner

The future of fire protection is uncertain in parts of Randall County.

Since the closure of the Osage Fire Department, Amarillo firefighters are being stretched thin leaving a void in northeastern rural Randall County. .

Today at the Randall County Commissioners Court, safety was a big concern for many in the audience.

Sheriff Joel Richardson, who is also the presiding fire marshall, recommended to the Commissioners a permanent county position should be put in place to be in charge of all of randall counties fire needs.

"Primarily that we form a committee to try to resolve the issues before us. I think we need to go back to a volunteer system but we're going to go with new blood, new people," said Bob Karrh, the Precinct 1 Randall County Commissioner.

Commissioners said they hoped to move forward because the cost of using the Amarillo Fire Department could end up being far more expensive than the Osage Fire Department cost the county.

Bob Karrh says they hope to get the committee formed during next weeks meeting.