Increase Cost to Decrease Use - Conserving Water

Charging you more in hopes you will use less..

It's a tactic some hope will help conserve water in the area.. As supplies continue to diminish.

In 2006 the city passed a rule that water used during the third tier, or the conservation tier, meaning more than 30 thousand gallons in the city... Residents will be charged $3.15 for every thousand gallons.

Most residents haven't seen that price since 2007 was such a wet year... But they wallets are feeling it now.

Emmitt Autry with the City of Amarillo says, "After the experience in June, in which we had a lot of hot weather and people got a big water bill in Amarillo, a lot of them were paying water bills that included a considerable amount of money out of what they called the third tier, or the conservation tier, the $3.15 a thousand. There was a little bit of sticker shock there for the month of July we saw a serious reduction in the amount of water being used." 00:28

They are hoping that serious reduction continues... Even though Autry says it is likely with the hot weather that has kicked off August.... That use has risen again.

Both Autry and State Senator Kel Seliger say residents need to be more aware of the water they are using.. Because if use continues to rise... Cost could as well.

Seliger says, "A simple fact of the matter is that water is never going to cost any less to get into our homes. So the more that we conserve, the less it will cost over time and the less the increases will be."

All of this conservation talk stems from a meeting today by state senators on the committee for natural resources..

They were in Amarillo to get input on conservation programs and say while some good is being done.. We could always do more.